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Soppi's FAQ

Q: Can I edit / repost your art?
NO to any reposting on twitter / tumblr / instagram / tiktok.
For a higher likelihood of me responding:
1) Reach out to me via DMs
2) Tell me which platform you're gonna be reposting to
3) Send me a link to the page that you will be reposting to

Q: Can I reblog your art?
Yes, yes please do. You can Reblog, Retweet, Story Share or even QRT my posts. Reposts are not Reblogs. To repost would be to download my art and upload it on a platform completely unlinked to my original post or account- that’s the shitty thing to do.

Q: Can I use your art as my icon/wallpaper/header?
Sure, I’m generally ok with it. A line of credit would be nice to have too.

Q: Do you do commissions?
Unfortunately for the same reason I don't do events- I don't take commissions. I'm just not very good at sticking to a theme or a timeline tbh, I draw when the mood strikes, and when there's no mood, I can't draw.

Q: I really love your -idea-/-AU-!! Would it be ok with you if I wrote a fic based on your art?
Yeah m'peep it's good with me haha, a link back to the art you based it on would be nice to have too.

Q: What is your drawing setup?
I work exclusively in Photoshop CS6 with Kylebrush presets on a Wacom Intuos Pro (Medium). I pretty much use just two brushes- shown below!

Q: Hey soppi have you ever had a thought on that thing- you know that thing- c'mon?
M'dude, you're talking to an Aries Sun, Mercury in Taurus and Mars in Aquarius- I'm not going to read your mind for you. If you're gonna be beating around the bush endlessly, I am not gonna go out of my way to bonk my brains out on your wildly swinging stick. If you're gonna ask Question A in hopes that you'd fish my opinions out on Situation Z, you're gonna get an answer for Question A.